How do I optimize advanced targeting settings? (Influencer/Business Plan)

Log into your Social Sensei account and goto:

Scroll down until you reach "Advanced Targeting"

Location Targeting 

This directly relates to the geographic location you would want to target.  It can be a country, city, or even places that are on Instagram's map such as neighborhoods, businesses, schools, or landmarks.  However, make sure it is listed on Instagram's map otherwise we won't be able to target it.


You can select the gender of the user you want to target.  Both, male, or female.

Type of User

You can select if you want to target business accounts or personal accounts.

Keyword Targeting

This is one of our most powerful targeting tools and we highly recommend you take advantage of it.  You can target the words that users place in their bio text.  Users typically define themselves by their bio text, so this allows for hyper accurate targeting.

Let's say we run a yoga retreat center that offers 200 hour yoga teacher training.  Our yoga teacher training is about $3000 to attend, so we will want to target metropolis areas where people generally have more capital to spend on trainings.  In the Location tab I have put four major cities that we want to target.  For gender, I have selected female as most yoga teachers are female.  For type of user I have selected personal as we are targeting people and not other businesses.  For the keyword targeting we have selected yoga teacher, yogi, and yoga which are common words associated with yoga teachers.  You do not need to place 30 keywords and in fact less is more as you want to be as specific as possible, so knowing your target audience is key.  If you haven't defined your target audience yet please visit this article: 

As you can see in @catmeffan's Instagram account in her bio it says "Yoga Teacher".  Based on the keywords we have selected we would interact with her account.

Just remember the more options you select the more narrow your target audience will be.  It's important to keep testing until you find that sweet spot of growth and quality of follower.

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