You are liking inappropriate content, please stop!

All of Social Sensei's interactions are based off the target sources you provided us.  We have interacted with this content because the Instagram user that posted the inappropriate content is engaging with a target source (username or hashtag) you have targeted. If you are not happy with the content that is being engaged with you can take several steps to ensure that your targeting is more accurate.

1.  We have filters in place to block out most inappropriate content, however some may fall through the cracks because we do not have photo recognition capabilities to be able to see the content before interacting.  We recommend you review your target sources to see if there is a particular hashtag or username that may be the cause of the issue.  You can easily remove this target source and update your settings in your Social Sensei account.

2.  You can add your own keywords to our content filters.  Log in to your Social Sensei account and scroll down to the Username Block List & Keyword Block List.  This will allow you to put in specific usernames that you do not want to interact with or specific keywords that we will use to scan each post before engaging with it.  If the key word shows up in their posts caption, hashtags, or their profile bio we can prevent any interaction with that user or their posts.  Always make sure to click on "Save Changes" before exiting your account.

3. If you are still seeing a reoccurring pattern of negative content that you don't want to engage with even after using the content filters.  Then please reach out to us at and our team of experts will work with you to ensure that your account is not engaging with undesirable content.

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