My account has been temporarily blocked. What do I do?

In rare occasions accounts receive a temporary block.  

Don't worry, there is no reason to panic and a temporary block can be resolved easily.

There are several factors as to why this happens. 

1. Instagram could be applying a security measure to protect your account as its internal algorithm is detecting usage from another location.  This is a security measure to ensure your account hasn't been hacked.

2. There could be too many interactions taking place per hour or throughout the day on your account. When using our service or any service third party service, it is encouraged not to like, follow, unfollow, direct message,  or comment in abundance. A few interactions here and there casually are okay, but its best to be selective and keep these interactions at a bare minimum to avoid temporary blocks. 

3. Instagram's algorithm has changed.  In this case we will be aware as all of our clients will have been effected and we will send an e-mail to you to let you know that our service may be changing to accommodate Instagram's new requirements.

In all cases, these temporary blocks generally are lifted within 24 hours, however if you do run into one, it is advised to email your account manager at so that we can adjust your account settings to ensure you don't get temporarily blocked again.

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