Did you delete all of my accounts photos? What is happening?

No. We do not ever delete any of the content on your Instagram feed. 

It is very likely there is a phone validation required for your account. Once you receive a 6 digit code from Instagram you can enter it on your own and your profile will return back to normal.

This is a common security measure by Instagram to ensure you have not been hacked. If you cannot receive the 6 digit code, please contact us at support@socialsensei.co, you can send us a phone number and we can send a validation code to the phone number you have provided. 

Once you have received the 6 digit code please input this code into your Social Sensei dashboard under "Instagram Account" and save changes.  You can also e-mail us this 6 digit code to support@socialsensei.co and we will update it for you.

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