I am not seeing any growth. What is happening?

Below are three potential scenarios for why you may not be seeing any interaction on your account.

1. Your account may not be set up. If you have not received a confirmation from your assigned account manager than you are still in queue to have your account activated. If it has been more than 24 hours since you signed up, please email support@socialsensei.co and we will prioritize your account.

2. All of our interactions take place during certain hours of the day. Default settings for outgoing interactions (follows, likes, etc) are from 12:00PM to 12:00AM Eastern Time. Unfollows will occur from 2:00AM to 11:00AM Eastern Time. If you would like to adjust your time zone settings please contact your account manager at support@socialsensei.co

3. Your account could potentially have a temporary block from Instagram. Typically they will last no more than 24 hours. Temporary blocks can be quite common due to many factors such as change in a users usage rate or using 3rd party apps. We try our best to always stay within Instagram's limits, but Instagram's algorithm is not something that we control. If a temporary block has been placed on your account don't worry it is not a major issue.  You can still continue to use our service and grow your account.  However, we will need to reset the settings and lower the speed and quantity of interactions to minimize any temporary blocks in the future.

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